The climate cannot be engineered by humans. All we can do is assist nature in healing the climate we have so massively disrupted.

Methane accounts for 30% of global warming, with a rising tendency. Methane has a global temperature change potential (GTP) 13 times that of CO2 per mass unit over a 100 years period (21) . 

The method we propose is called Enhanced Atmospheric Methane Oxidation (EAMO). The process is natural, safe and efficient. It could be implemented within the next years. Read the following pages to understand how the proposed method works.

Methane in the Atmosphere

Methane Sources and Sinks - and its Impact on Climate

Enhanced Atmospheric Methane Oxidation (EAMO)

How methane, with help of EAMO, can be reduced in the atmosphere.

Dispersion by planes

How planes can help dispersing ferric chloride over the oceans.

Environmental impact

Is methane removal sustainable?

Side effects

Are there any?


The big picture


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