Atmospheric Methane Removal


Reducing methane from the atmosphere is much more efficient in terms of global temperature reduction than removing CO2. EAMO enables mankind to put the brakes on global warming – it enhances nature’s well-established way of oxidising methane in the atmosphere. Steelworks and coalmines add to the natural process already, it is safe and efficient. The climate crisis calls for immediate action – EAMO gives us a means to restore our climate.

Methane removal alone will not put the climate crisis to an end. Our carbon-driven economy must be completely overhauled, all industrial processes must become carbon-free, and we all must reduce our carbon-footprint. Also we might need additional mitigation efforts.

The climate crisis is the biggest challenge to mankind in the 21st century, but we are not completely helpless. We have cleaned up many of our rivers, we have restored most of the ozone layer, we will clean up the oceans, and we will take care of the atmosphere. Global warming is so severe, we cannot ignore it. We are the ones who created the mess, and we will have to take care of it. 

Yes we can!





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