Frequently Asked Questions

The main goal of amr is to contribute to the restoration of the global climate. 

The second goal is to preserve and grow the asset value of amr shares.

At this stage the location has not been defined. We are considering several islands in the pacific ocean, near the equator.

As soon as the finance is ready, the building site has been found and the building license has been granted we want to start building. Our goal is to start building in 2022.

The expected cost of the MRP is 25 Million USD.

We expect to earn money by selling methane certificates. Methane certificates will be issued in future, very much like CO2 certificates.

AMR has 15 shareholders. The identity of amr shareholders is confidential, except for those who are visible on the page shareholders.

The capital of amr is CHF 100.000 which is split up into 2.000 shares with a nominal value of CHF 50 each.

Share prices are, in principle, a matter of negotiation between seller and buyer. If you are interested in buying shares please contact amr via our contact form.

Please contact amr using the contact form. 

All shareholders will be included in regular information letters regarding the progress of the project.

All shareholders are entitled to visit the quarterly shareholder meeting which are planned to occur on each 7th of the months January, April, July and October. 

Shareholders will vote on relevant decisions proposed by the supervisory board.

Being a shareholder allows you to participate in an ambitious project which has the goal to slow down and eventually stop global warming.

Shareholders participate in the eventual growth of amr share prices, but may as well loose parts of or their entire investment in case that amr fails. There is no risk beyond that investment.

Finally you can sell your shares to anybody of your choice at the price you negotiate. 

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