Bad science and good intentions prevent effective climate action ( Quote: Even if all emissions stopped tomorrow, current committed warming will raise

A good overview of the current developments in the field. Wang, Jin, and Qinghua Peter He. 2023. “Methane Removal from Air: Challenges

Catalytic efficiencies for atmospheric methane removal in the high-chlorine regimeLuisa Pennacchio, Maarten van Herpen, Daphne Meidan, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, Matthew S. Johnson

This study in PNAS, Publications of the (US-American) National Academy of the Sciences, again by the group around Matthew Johnson and Maarten

This is possibly a breakthrough for our technology. An international team of scientists have modelled natural methane oxidation and come to the

We are excited to attend at this workshop. You can also be part of it, it is open for all and free

In this article in SciTechDaily the authors describe the process which is similar to what we wnat to achieve with Ocean Iron

In the article James Temple describes the different views on Iron Salt Aerosols and mentions many known organizations, especially in the US,

Ocean iron fertilization is relevant for AMR since we want to disperse ISA (Iron Salt Aerosol) in the atmosphere, which will eventually

First Article on AMR

AMR is featured in this article in Counterpunch.

Climate Investment Opportunities With Impact, Tailor Made For Impact Investors (

AMR is considering to adopt a set of principles which will guide its growth and development. We are currently working on these:

Great to see Methane-Oxidation forming a central pillar of Climate restoration in AMR-shareholder Peter Fiekowsky’s new book, Climate Restoration: The Only Future

In this video reknown climate scientist Paul Beckwith is talking about methane and its impact on the atmosphere, and also about ISA

Today we launched the new website which will help us overcome the “geoengineering” debate. Background: Very often we find us in

This is the first article we are aware of which describes EAMO in German language.

COP26 may prove to be a turning point in our pledge for methane removal. Due to the great work of MethaneAction in Glasgow the subject gets more attention in the media.

A first article in the reknown magazine Science makes our cause more publicly known.

Press Release by AMR

Our first press release!

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