Shares and Shareholders

AMR AG was founded in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland on 18.3.2021 by 15 shareholders. The Swiss joint stock company has CHF 100,000.00 capital, split up in 2,000 shares with a nominal value of CHF 50.00 each. Today (16th of April 2024) there are 40 shareholders. 

In April 2023 we received financial support in form of a loan from the Dutch organization Carbonfix. This loan allowed us to open our own lab, where we develop our dispersion technology. The results we get from these experiments are very encouraging, so far.

More shareholders are welcome. Our financial strategy includes growth in the number of shareholders. Share prices are increasing with the value and size of the company. At this stage the number of shares remains fixed, but we can accomodate additional shareholders. Interested parties may contact us here. The current share price is 5,000.00 CHF, if the sharesale is handled by AMR.

Current shareholders include :

Oswald Petersen

Born 1960 in Konstanz, is a German economist and IT-consultant who went to school in Schule Schloss Salem and graduated with a diploma in National Economy from Freie Universität Berlin in 1989. He lived and worked in Germany, Australia and now Switzerland. His professional focus is in the IT of the health industry. In 2008 he worked with Renaud de Richter (compare science) on solar-updraft towers. In 2020 he became a member of the initiative  “Restore our Climate”, where he learnt about Iron Salt Aerosol. In 2021 he founded  AMR AG with 14 other shareholders.  His objective is to find technical solutions to cool the planet by enhancing natural forces. Oswald is the CEO of AMR AG.

Jakob Jürgens


Born 1978 in Hamburg, Germany, is a partner in a private equity firm in Berlin. During his career he has acquired extensive experience in conducting due diligence and the acquisition and sale of companies. He has also occupied management positions in several different companies and industry sectors.

Plamena Brigova

Born 1991 in Ruse, Bulgaria, lives in Austria since 2022. She is studying Software Engineering at MCI Innsbruck where she also took a course in environmental technology. Plamena helps AMR in relating to Fridays for Future as well as Operatioo Arktis.


Vera Butzek

Born in Berlin, Germany, now living in Madrid Spain. 

Owner of URBAN ZERO, a company dedicated to the distribution of E-bikes in Spain. Promoting the change of urban mobility to a more sustainable model.

Animal lover, committed to the wellbeing and rights of animals.

Peter Fiekowsky

is a MIT-educated physicist with 27 patents, a serial entrepreneur, activist and social innovator. He founded the Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) and predecessor groups, as well as the Methane Action group and Methane Oxidation Corporation. Peter helped found a renewable energy financing company, and wrote the F4CR climate restoration white paper. Over the last eight years he has worked closely with the entrepreneurial and academic leaders developing the viable, scalable, and permanent solutions that constitute the Climate Restoration path. You can preview the Climate Restoration Status 2021 deck and the longer Climate Restoration white paper.


Jan-Ludwig Beringer

is the founder and President of Rohde & Liesenfeld Canada Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary company Rohde & Liesenfeld (USA) Inc., who specialize in the global supply chain for the construction and deployment of large scale industrial projects.

The U.S. company most recently supported NASA in the transportation of the James Webb Telescope from California to the launch site in French Guiana. 

Max Egli

Max is a known blogger in Switzerland under his pseudonym “Ökoterrorist” and has written a book on climate change named “Klimaschock-Diagnose”. Find more about Max on his homepage

“Life on earth is endangered by human interference with fossil energy. To restrict the resulting global warming to acceptable values, every possible action must take place immediately. Greenhouse gases emissions must be terminated. And even more: Current levels of those gases in the atmosphere have to be reduced to pre industrialial values. This is the intention of AMR, regarding methane. Therefore, I support AMR and recommend humanity to join this enterprise.”

Helmut Bär

Born in 1948, studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, specializing in data processing, with a degree in engineering in 1976. Helmut worked for various companies in the Lake Constance area such as AEG, Dornier and EADS (now Airbus), mainly in the areas of defense, weather services and air traffic control. He also managed software projects in Germany together with American companies, in Brazil, Romania, South Africa and most recently the Sultanate of Oman. Helmut spends his free time as a pensioner travelling, playing boule and doing photography.


Sabine Klett

Sabine was the first shareholder of AMR. She went to school in Schule Schloss Salem with Oswald Petersen. Later she lived in Peru and Italy. Today Sabine is an occupational therapist in Stuttgart, Germany.

Philipp Thomas

born 1955 in Bonn, Germany

  • German qualified solicitor residing in Luxembourg since 1994
  • MBA in Financial Services & Insurance, Master in European Law
  • Private Investor
  • Experience as board director in a number of direct and reinsurance companies
  • Lived in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Australia, Colombia
  • Fijian Honorary Consul in Luxembourg


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