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Atmospheric Methane Removal


All cost estimates are, at this stage, preliminary, and actual cost may vary by a factor of 100% or more.

Initial Cost Of Preparation

The remaining research, risk – and environmental impact assessments etc. will cost several million USD. Most of this cost will be born by research grants and/or public funds. AMR does not invest into fundamental research, but will develop the engineering of the plant and conduct an environmental impact assessment before the first MRP will be built.

Cost of Building

We estimate the planning, engineering and building cost of one MRP at around 1 Million USD. This does not entail the cost of the oil-rig itself, which will be around 5-10 million USD / year.

annual Cost of material

The cost of iron, dissolved in FeCl3, will be around 1.200 USD / ton incl. transport to the remote island. 15.000 tons (the annual load of iron for one MRP) will hence cost ca. 18 million USD. 

annual Cost of dispersal

Annual cost of one MRP is estimated to be 40 Million USD. 

All in all the cost of EAMO will be around one to two billion USD per year.

The cost of NOT doing anything, however, will be much higher, by a factor of thousands.

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