Up to now we have seen AMR as a supplier in the negative emissions market, where methane emission certificates would be traded for methane removal certificates, very much like the CO2 emission market works. However the bulk of methane emissions we want to remove is already up in the atmosphere, consequently there would be no counterparty for these “legacy emissions”. (For a better explanation of this please refer to our concept regarding GeoRestoration.)

We have therefore decided that AMR will not enter the negative emissions market. 

This leaves us without a foreseeable income, but that’s not a big problem. All parties agree that legacy emissions must be removed as soon as possible. Since the cost of AMR is comparatively small, we are assured that finance is not a major obstacle. 

We will apply to governments, corporations and individuals in the rich nations to contribute to a fund to finance the 1 – 3 billion EUR per year needed for the GeoRestoration Action Plan (GRAP), which includes AMR.

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