Today we launched the new website which will help us overcome the “geoengineering” debate. Background: Very often we find us in a position where our goal to cool the planet is put in a box labelled geoengineering. We think it is time for journalists, politicians and industry leaders to realize that without direct cooling the near future will be disastrous. Global warming (GW) is a reality, and it’s consequences are already felt, but this is negligible in comparison to what we have to expect, if and when temperatures rise above 2.0 degrees. The only strategy to avert this is Active Cooling.

We support all efforts to get to net-zero emissions by emission reduction. But these efforts are too little and too late. We have no chance whatsoever to limit GW to 1.5 degrees. Fullstop. We have a chance to limit it to 2.0 degrees, if we use direct cooling measures. Without these, the future is bleak.

Cool Planet Earth is also an initiative for a more positive approach to climate change. We want young (and old) people to understand that it is possible to use the climate crisis as an opportunity to create a better world. If we start cooling the globe, we also start taking over responsibility. This is our planet, and it is the only one we have got. Make the best of it!

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