GeoRestoration – a new concept

We at AMR have discussed the concept of GeoRestoration for a while and can now present a paper which decribes in detail how this concept fits in with the current climate debate.

GeoEngineering and AMR

Atmospheric Methane Removal is often classified as a category of so-called “GeoEngineering”. Therefore we have developed a standpoint regarding all Direct Climate Cooling methods. In 2022 we have created a website named Cool-Planet.Earth and in the past months have written a paper regarding GeoEngineering which we want to publish now. Enjoy reading!

New article shows flaws in current atmospheric science. Cooling interventions are needed.

Bad science and good intentions prevent effective climate action ( Quote: Even if all emissions stopped tomorrow, current committed warming will raise global temperatures by 2°C –5°C above pre-industrial levels by 2100 (Cheng et al., 2022; Huntingford et al., 2020; von Schuckmann et al., 2020; Zhou et al., 2021; Hansen et al., 2023). These are […]

New article on atmospheric methane removal

A good overview of the current developments in the field. Wang, Jin, and Qinghua Peter He. 2023. “Methane Removal from Air: Challenges and Opportunities” Methane 2, no. 4: 404-414. 

New article on methane removal with chlorine

Catalytic efficiencies for atmospheric methane removal in the high-chlorine regimeLuisa Pennacchio, Maarten van Herpen, Daphne Meidan, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, Matthew S. Johnson AbstractCatalytic production of chlorine atoms from iron salt aerosols (ISA) has been suggested as a means of achieving atmospheric methane reduction (AMR). The feasibility of this approach its efficiency and the optimum conditions […]

New study regarding natural AMO

This study in PNAS, Publications of the (US-American) National Academy of the Sciences, again by the group around Matthew Johnson and Maarten van Herpen, plus many others, confirms natural atmospheric methane oxidation and provides measurements regarding the scale of this mechanism.

New study confirms EAMO is possible

This is possibly a breakthrough for our technology. An international team of scientists have modelled natural methane oxidation and come to the conclusion that adding chlorine to the atmosphere could in fact cool the climate by up to 0.6 degrees. Even though chlorine cannot be released into the atmosphere directly, the model proves that we […]

Desert Dust makes plants grow in the ocean

In this article in SciTechDaily the authors describe the process which is similar to what we wnat to achieve with Ocean Iron Fertilization (OIF). Desert Dust Plays a Vital Role in Fertilizing Phytoplankton Growth in Oceans (

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