New study regarding natural AMO

This study in PNAS, Publications of the (US-American) National Academy of the Sciences, again by the group around Matthew Johnson and Maarten van Herpen, plus many others, confirms natural atmospheric methane oxidation and provides measurements regarding the scale of this mechanism.

New study confirms EAMO is possible

This is possibly a breakthrough for our technology. An international team of scientists have modelled natural methane oxidation and come to the conclusion that adding chlorine to the atmosphere could in fact cool the climate by up to 0.6 degrees. Even though chlorine cannot be released into the atmosphere directly, the model proves that we […]

Desert Dust makes plants grow in the ocean

In this article in SciTechDaily the authors describe the process which is similar to what we wnat to achieve with Ocean Iron Fertilization (OIF). Desert Dust Plays a Vital Role in Fertilizing Phytoplankton Growth in Oceans (

Article in MIT Technology Review

In the article James Temple describes the different views on Iron Salt Aerosols and mentions many known organizations, especially in the US, which are active in the field. These startups hope to spray iron-rich particles above the ocean to fight climate change | MIT Technology Review

Ocean fertilization revived as climate change alarm grows.

Ocean iron fertilization is relevant for AMR since we want to disperse ISA (Iron Salt Aerosol) in the atmosphere, which will eventually be washed out and fall into the ocean, where it will be dissolved into iron and salt (NaCl). This will cause algae to grow. This way AMR will not only remove methane but […]

AMR – Principles of conduct

AMR is considering to adopt a set of principles which will guide its growth and development. We are currently working on these: Moral hazard: It is our intention that through the sale of methane certificates, EAMO will enable removal of hard-to-abate methane emissions from industries such as oil, gas and coal extraction, livestock agriculture, rice […]

New book on Climate restoration

Great to see Methane-Oxidation forming a central pillar of Climate restoration in AMR-shareholder Peter Fiekowsky’s new book, Climate Restoration: The Only Future That Will Sustain The Human Race. Hersh Shefrin gives a great overview in Forbes here:

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