New book on Climate restoration

Great to see Methane-Oxidation forming a central pillar of Climate restoration in AMR-shareholder Peter Fiekowsky’s new book, Climate Restoration: The Only Future That Will Sustain The Human Race. Hersh Shefrin gives a great overview in Forbes here:

Paul Beckwith on methane and ISA

In this video reknown climate scientist Paul Beckwith is talking about methane and its impact on the atmosphere, and also about ISA as a possibility of removing it. Atmospheric Methane Increases on a Tear + Ideas on Methods like ISA to Reduce Global Concentrations – YouTube

Cool Planet Earth was launched

Today we launched the new website which will help us overcome the “geoengineering” debate. Background: Very often we find us in a position where our goal to cool the planet is put in a box labelled geoengineering. We think it is time for journalists, politicians and industry leaders to realize that without direct cooling […]