Article in MIT Technology Review

In the article James Temple describes the different views on Iron Salt Aerosols and mentions many known organizations, especially in the US, which are active in the field. These startups hope to spray iron-rich particles above the ocean to fight climate change | MIT Technology Review

Ocean fertilization revived as climate change alarm grows.

Ocean iron fertilization is relevant for AMR since we want to disperse ISA (Iron Salt Aerosol) in the atmosphere, which will eventually be washed out and fall into the ocean, where it will be dissolved into iron and salt (NaCl). This will cause algae to grow. This way AMR will not only remove methane but […]

AMR – Principles of conduct

AMR is considering to adopt a set of principles which will guide its growth and development. We are currently working on these: Moral hazard: It is our intention that through the sale of methane certificates, EAMO will enable removal of hard-to-abate methane emissions from industries such as oil, gas and coal extraction, livestock agriculture, rice […]

New book on Climate restoration

Great to see Methane-Oxidation forming a central pillar of Climate restoration in AMR-shareholder Peter Fiekowsky’s new book, Climate Restoration: The Only Future That Will Sustain The Human Race. Hersh Shefrin gives a great overview in Forbes here:

Paul Beckwith on methane and ISA

In this video reknown climate scientist Paul Beckwith is talking about methane and its impact on the atmosphere, and also about ISA as a possibility of removing it. Atmospheric Methane Increases on a Tear + Ideas on Methods like ISA to Reduce Global Concentrations – YouTube

Cool Planet Earth was launched

Today we launched the new website which will help us overcome the “geoengineering” debate. Background: Very often we find us in a position where our goal to cool the planet is put in a box labelled geoengineering. We think it is time for journalists, politicians and industry leaders to realize that without direct cooling […]