AMR is considering to adopt a set of principles which will guide its growth and development. We are currently working on these:

Moral hazard: It is our intention that through the sale of methane certificates, EAMO will enable removal of hard-to-abate methane emissions from industries such as oil, gas and coal extraction, livestock agriculture, rice farming and landfills, where sincere reduction and mitigation efforts have already been made. It is not our intention that methane certificates be a substitute for CO2 certificates, enabling high-CO2-emitting industries to continue business as usual. Methane certificates will therefore only be sold to methane emitters.

Decarbonisation of AMR’s business activities: AMR’s scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions will be accounted for by a third party and made public in accordance with the Carbon Disclosure Project. Wherever possible, renewable energy sources and carbon neutral products will be used. Hard-to-abate greenhouse gas emissions as a result of business activities will be compensated for in accordance with the CDM Gold Standard.

Business travel: Due to its associated emissions, business travel by air will be avoided as far as possible. Flights that have to be taken in order to carry out AMR’s business activities will be offset according to the CDM Gold Standard. Once replacement non-fossil aviation fuels such as SAF become available, airlines using these fuels will be preferred.

We are still in the phase of development and will add more rules when we find them applicable.

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