AMR is considering to adopt a set of principles which will guide its growth and development. We are currently working on these:

  • Do not fly: Flying is bad for the climate. We see no need for it, given the advances in video-conference tools. E.g. it is possible to attend a climate conference without going there physically. Henceforth AMR will not pay for any flights of their staff.
  • Do not sell CO2 certificates: There is an argument called “moral hazard” which says that it is not a good idea to allow CO2-emissions to be covered by methane removal. We support this argument, and will not sell any CO2-certificates. Our activities will be paid by methane emitters only. Main human methane emitters are live-stock farms, rice-growers, miners, the oil and gas industry and waste-dumps. Their methane emissions can be reduced by half, but the other half must be removed from the atmosphere. This is our market, we will not sell into the CO2-emissions-market. CO2-emitters will have to find other pathways to mitigation.
  • Cover CO2-emissions. AMR activitities, like all other human activities, create a carbon-footprint of their own. AMR will seek ways to compensate for these emissions.

We are still in the phase of development and will add more rules when we find them applicable.